Put backups in a /Backup folder for organization purposes

I’m a little picky about my folders and I really don’t like seeing : My Project.cpr followed by lot’s of My Project.bak files
I think that would be vary good for cubase to automatically create a /Backup folder (Like it creates the /Audio, /Track Pictures, /Images and so on) to save these files and clear the clutter on the project folder.

Am I alone with that or it also bothers someone else ??


I suppose this wouldn’t hurt but, for me, I don’t have a bunch of .bak files cluttering things as I have auto backup set it to run every 10 minutes, (5) max. So it’s only (6) files total.

Again, it’s not a bad idea but, I would not want this to get any priority over other more serious development issues. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

I vote for this! The main folder needs to be clean and tidy instead of a bunch of files. Imagine if you have several versions of one project, there will be tons of bak files.

I believe it’s not a hard feature to add so won’t get in the way of addressing other issues.

I have wanted this feature for a long time. If my .bak files can be assigned to a different folder, over the course of many projects the time saved for me will be significant, as it always takes me a few moments to distinguish which file to open.



IMHO your project folder is just a project folder. Anyway you backup your projects to external drive or network cloud without any .bak files, right? So after you finish any project there is no reason to leave .bak files on any device you work with.
I would say +1 to this feature request, but there is not enough motivation to implement this.