put in a bar’s rest


I am stuck, trying to put in a bar’s rest at the beginning of a piece:

So far I have managed a semibreve rest (which I don’t want):

Any help welcome.
semibreve rest.png
bar rest.png

cool, in the sidebar (where I never look)…
thank you pianoleo.
Question, why cant we do this with a regular property?

Question, why cant we do this with a regular property?

I just looked in the Write menu to see if the Insert Bar Rest command is there, so you could assign a keyboard shortcut; it’s not there. And since you’re actually creating something, it shouldn’t belong in Properties, which refer to something that already exists. Creating an explicit bar rest is a fairly uncommon thing to do, so personally I’m fine with the command where it is, even though it has that weird disclosure caret. (I’m trying to imagine how else I would show the command, keeping in line with “Insert Bars” and “Create Barline”, and for what it’s worth this seems to me the best place for it…)

You can create a bar rest invoking shift-b popover and input rest. That’s the fastest way I know

Oh wow, that’s great - thanks Marc!

Superb Marc, I will try this later back at the computer (to train a new popover command ‘rest’,
Thank you!
[Edit] The popover command works, I have to be in Input mode though - so I can change to a down-stem voice before invoking the ‘rest’.