Put (too many) measures in a system

Hello Doricans,
I’m running into a problem moving one measure to another system. I want to put bar 17 in the first system to save space.
In other cases I place 2 system breaks and give the first one the setting “Wait for next system break”. All bars between the 2 system breaks are then in 1 system. This works fine.
In this case I can’t put a system break at the beginning of the piece and so this way doesn’t work.
Am I doing something wrong or is there a better way to do this?

Regards, Marien

You can actually put a system break at the very start of the flow if you want to, and indeed if you were to select e.g. the 6/4 time signature at the start of the first bar and the double barline at the end of bar 17 and click the Make Into System button, that is what Dorico will do.

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Hi Daniel,
Thank you, it works.
Groet, Marien