Putting Back The Flow Title in Dorico Elements

Hello, I am a fairly new user to Dorico Elements.

I deleted the flow title on my project, but now I would like it back. I am wondering if there is a quick way to getting the original format (the frame and “{@flowNumber@}. {@flowTitle@}”) back in Dorico Elements.
I apologize if this has already been answered before.

Some options for you:

  1. Get a friend who has Dorico Pro and have that person fix it for you.
  2. Get a trial version of Dorico Pro yourself (if eligible) and fix it yourself.
  3. Open a new file in Dorico Elements and copy the music from your old file over.

(I’m guessing that in Elements, as in Pro, there are Layout options not to show flow headings, if that is what you are after. Are you talking about the running header at the top of each page or the title at the start of each flow?)

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Thank you for the quick reply!
I’m talking about the title at the start of each flow. I didn’t know about those layout options until after I deleted the flow title. I will just copy and paste the music into a new file.
Thank you for your help Derrek, much appreciated!

It may be quicker to just create new layouts, which you can do from the bottom of the right panel of Setup mode. I’m not sure whether Elements has Setup > Create Default Part Layouts, but that makes it a very quick task indeed: use the Create Full Score button (the conductor silhouette at the bottom of the right panel), then select and delete all the layouts apart from the new score layout, then Create Default Part Layouts.