Putting Cubase clicktrack on Export Audio Mixdown?


I need to include the click on a rough mix. Using C6.02. Under vst connections - outputs, I have my stereo out set to not connected and click enabled and can hear the click on playback out or outputs 15&16 which are the outputs set for monitor under vst connections - studio. When I do a export audio mixdown and use the stereo out as the output channels there is no click on the mixdown. Is there a simple way to get the click in the mixdown?

THanks much

No… not for the internal click

Assign a vsti to the click midi.

Thanks Split. That would be a solution but it seems like there should be a simpler solution with internal click.

Yes it should but there isn’t!!!

No simple way to do it, only tricky ones, but this one is somehow the “official” way: