Puzzling about fader strips in Surround....?

I have an old template that I am currently regurgotangoclangoplexing for 5.1

I have set it up fine all seems to be working. All tracks are going through my 5.1 Audio settings… I only have one 5.1 set up in Audio Connections. No Stereo.

What is puzzling me is that in the mixer, some tracks are displaying with two blue activity bars (and a surround panner), and others are displaying 6 blue bars (and a surround panner). Even when I set up two tracks for the same instrument/patch I can see two different kinds of blue bar activity displays (see identical piccolo patches below).
Initially I thought this was because the tracks were initially set up for either stereo or 5.1, however this is not the case, because new 5.1 tracks taking a stereo intrument input show only two bars, even though the panner is 5.1

These tracks look identical in all other ways.

Can anyone explain to me what is happening here? How could I change one to the other?

Can anyone explain why?

thank you all,



Excuse my poor English language knowledge, please… Is this a real word? If yes, I have to learn it even if I don’t know, what does it mean. :grin:

The 2-bars are the Stereo tracks. As you route the Stereo to the 5.1, you need the 5.1 panner to be able to distribute the 2 channels to the 6 channels. Btw as far as I can see, these are the Instrument tracks. Some plug-ins slow you too create 5.1 output bus too.

Hi Martin, thank you for your continued support, I did not understand the last sentence. Can you change from one to the other - easily? I have 2500 tracks in my master template. I assume the other tracks are 5.1 with stereo tracks loaded?



No, sorry, you can’t.

You would need to add a new Output bus in the given Instrument.