Q about on/off powering the UR44

Hi, just thougth i’d ask, since this is my first usb based soundcard. Lets say i forgot to power up the sound card and start the computer. Will it have any negative effect on the operation between the soundcard and the computer, if i power up the soundcard while the computer is running. Or the other way around, if i turn off the power on the sound card while the computer is running? Or will it have nothing to say, as this is an usb driven sound card? :slight_smile:

Silly questions , i know. but I cant help my curosity :blush:

Shouldn’t be a problem either way.:wink:
Just make sure the device is switched on before you run an application (such as Cubase) and close the app before switching the device off.

Thank you BriHar! I had a nagging suspcion that was the case. I’m never returning to the world of FireWire! :laughing: