[Q] Can events "look like" they do in Cubase?

I was wondering if is it possible for events to behave as they do in Cubase. By that I mean: When you select an event in Cubase, it’s background changes color, but in Nuendo it only draws a little line around the event.

I’m considering the switch from Cubase Pro 8 to Nuendo 7 but, as much as this could seems silly, this color differentiation is a great deal for visually impaired users.

I trashed all I could in preferences, but no lucky.

Can someone help?

Unfortunately not. Cubase event names are also far easier to see.

I was just thinking that the red square line around a selected event is good, but having reread your original post I think you have a valid point. Perhaps both should be available as preferences.

Nuendo does have more flexibility, what makes it even more strange.

I’ll not be “one of those guys” saying that is might be easy to implement, I’m not a doctor (lol) and I’m not a programmer as well, so I don’t know if it’s easy or not, but I DO HOPE this feature to be part of an update.

By now, moving to Nuendo is not an option for me.

And I’m VERY grateful that they do not.
The inverted look from cubase is horrible when editing audio in post so please do not ask for it. IMHO it is awful always. It just is a non helpful UI concept. Having the red bounding box is great as it clearly shows what is selected and what isn’t.

I’m not asking for it to be the default look, I’m just saying that it should be an option for those who need it.

should, could, may, will not, all just also personal preference or also known as opinions when written by users, right? :slight_smile:
The only folks who decide what is or should be in Nuendo works at Steinberg. The rest of us just voice our opinions.
And I choose to state that I do not want it like it is in Cubase, and the reasons why.

If Steinberg finds a way to let users choose between both solutions without making either choice worse than sure I am all for it. I am a true pro choice user. I love options. I just do not want it to actually change.

Why do you want it changed?
What do you see as better or more informative with that way of working?

To me it just results in a graphic mess on Cubase. In post we use colors to tell us things both on tracks and individual events, we often use quite a few colors and with different shades to tell stuff for the next user downstream. We never want the appearance of those colors to change as we select events. It just isn’t good workflow. And besides when selecting non contigous events it gets really hard to see what is selected in Cubase. In Nuendo it is really clear as all the selected events get a bounding red selection box. That to me is clear while the Cubase way just isn’t.

Well … as I said in my first post, Cubase color scheme is good for people (like me) who has to deal with visual impairments.

Accessibility features are great. Without it, many people could not work as “normal people”. There are hundreds of built-in accessibility features in Windows and OS X, they do not hinder users who do not need them.

For that reason I think it would be nice to have the option to control the colors in Nuendo.

But, once again, I’m not the guy who is crying and asking for changes in the software to meet my personal needs. I only asked if the option was available.