Q for euphonix users + 5.5

Is there a setting or preference somewhere in either eucontrol or nuendo 5.5 that will prevent the nuendo mixer and inspector from switching views?

For example, If I’m on my MC Control or Mix and I choose "inserts, My inspector in nuendo will switch to my inserts sections. I like that.

But in my mixer view, if I want to see meters or wav meters I can only see them briefly because anytime I select a new track it will update it to whatever my MC is set too… I don’t like that.


I agree.
Workaround is to use one of the other mixers. Your description only happens on the mixer (F3).

No workaround that I would know of, really annoying “feature”.


So far so good Hanza thanks for the tip

It’s the “Workstation tracks knob set changes” Checkbox on the Genaral Page of the EuControl Settings.

If checked it will do that for u.



Great, Joerg :slight_smile: