Q: how to do 2 seemingly simple things

Hi, I hope someone can help do these 2 things, because it drives me crazy:

  1. Keep measures in any pop up window.
    Every time I open up a window to edit, MIDI or audio, the timeline bar across the top changes to seconds, I need it to stay bars+beats (measures). I can’t seem to make it just stay at bars+beats. How do I keep it from changing each time?
  2. When I position my cursor over the locator track where I’ve created a loop using measures, the cursor changes to a hand icon that immediately turns off the loop, and I need the loop! I work quickly, it happens often to me, I never want to see that hand icon again for any reason. How can I prevent the hand icon from constantly turning off my loops?
  1. I don’t have this problem. The editors by default show what is shown at the transport bar, so if you want to always see bars and beats, change to bars and beats from the transport bar. You could also use an extra ruler in the project window for seconds if you want to have a quick reference without switching between bars and beats and seconds all the time.

  2. Preferences> Transport> Clicking Locator Range in Upper Part of the Ruler Activates Cycle. Turn this off.