Q: How to Duplicate Tracks WITHOUT "Copy of " Prefix

This has bugged me for donkey’s ears. I’m sure I remember some key command to prevent the "Copy of " being prefixed to the track name.

Does anyone know how to duplicate a track or bunch of tracks while keeping the same track name - without the "Copy of "?

It would save me a lot of time clicking on each one and deleting it. :unamused:


(P.S. I posted this nearly 2 years ago in the old forum but didn’t get a solution. I’m just wondering if things have changed at all?)


Are you sure, there is the option? I can’t find this. But you can solve this by Project Logical Editor very easily.

Make this settings:
Name > Contains > Copy of

Name > Replace Search String > Copy of.

This delete (or replace by nothing) the “Copy of” in all track names. I’m sending screenshot.

Screen Shot 2012-03-16 at 19.39.07.png

Wow, thanks very much Martin. I haven’t tried it yet but it sounds like it should work a treat.

Finally an answer to this annoying problem. :smiley:

Put the tracks inside a folder and copy the folder. :wink:

Nice work-a-round Carlo.

Tanx for that.


Oh, look! Mobius!

And I agree. Kinda sick and tired of this antifeature. Never once have I wanted to call a Track “Copy of …” EVER. Can’t the code jockeys just remove it for C7?

You are welcome and I agree with HowlingUlf. Never wanted to call a track “Copy of…”, but who knows and maybe it is useful for someone ??

The problem is unless you change the name of the new track all parts on the new track will be named “Copy of …” as well :unamused:

Is it possible to do this without having to go and press apply every time?

Woweee…I was 7 years younger when I posted this thread! :laughing:

To answer your question though, just set up a key command for the Logical Editor preset you created.

(P.S. I like how this forum still calls me a “Junior Member”, even though I joined over 18 years ago! :wink: )

Oh, look! A Howling Ulf! :mrgreen:

(Sorry for late reply!)

Haha! The joy of discovering that taking away seven years away from your age doesn’t look like it makes much of a difference anymore … :open_mouth: :laughing: