Q-Link Question

Hi, I’m coming from Logic where if two or more tracks are selected they are always “Q-Linked”. So my question is…

Can Cubase be set so that Q-Link is always on? Or always on by default in a new session? It drives me crazy having selected multiple tracks and then not realizing the Q-link isn’t on and having only routed 1 of 5 tracks or adjusted the volume for only one of 2 tracks…etc


i don’t think so, but by default alt+shift in the mixconsole toggles q-link, which should apply common processing to all the selected tracks.

so you may be browsing plugins, and before double clicking on one, if you start holding alt+shift, it will be added to all the selected channels at once. the same applies to the volume faders etc.

if you really want q-link on from the get go, i’d set up a template project with it on. (personally i find this approach may lead to confusion while mixing [remember - no undo in the mixconsole], but it’s horses for your courses of course…)

Gotcha. Well if anyone from Steinberg is reading this I would love it as a preference option. Also is there any way to cascade outputs or inputs like in Pro Tools + Logic?

PS: I really do love CB but coming from Logic there are some things I miss when it comes to mixing.

This would be really helpful if Steinberg adds in preferences the option to enable by default the Q-Link and leave it always enabled.

Quick link is just for doing a quick link, use link group instead ?

Coming from Logic and Apple products in general it has become a second nature of mine that any time multiple things are highlighted, I assume what ever I do will affect all of them. Personally I think its kinda common-sense but everyone has their own way of working and what they are used too. I personally would prefer it to always be on. Definitely saves a couple steps of linking, grouping or creating a VCA fader.

Ah ok I misunderstood your question, personally I wouldn’t prefer that, but I can see your argument

What about cascading outputs inputs? Anyone know a hot-key?

+1, that’d be a good idea to be able to lock on the Qlink, or have it controlled via a preference.


Another thumbs up from me. I wish I could have Q Link always turned on upon opening.

Creating a link group is hardly any more difficult or cumbersome than creating a Q-Link. You can have more than one, they are permanent (until dissolved). Q-Link was introduced specifically to be temporary and an alternative for when holding the shift/alt keys was impractical.
If they were to change it the way you insist, ten times as many people would demand they change it back!

I understand what rockdude9k was saying, and see it as a logical and viable alternative, however changing this would probably screw up a lot of long time users established workflows. In Cubase what you want is done with the shift/alt command option. Get used to it and in a very short time it will become second nature. If you’re going to jump ship remember “When in Rome…”.

If you turn Q-Link on at the beginning of your session and just leave it on it should work like you want. With it on you can change which channels are selected on-the-fly and the linking will change as you do so. And if you only have one channel selected it is effectively linked only to itself. This sounds like the behavior you want.

If you turn Q-Link on and then close Cubase it won’t remember that it is on when you re-open Cubase. But if it is on and you close the project (but not Cubase) and open that or another project Q-Link will remain on. I can see how it would be nice for it to remember if it’s on or off between Cubase sessions. But on the other hand having to click a button one time when you start-up Cubase doesn’t seem too burdensome.

What you should do is in the Feature Request forum ask that a preference be added to select the default state for Q-Link.