Q-Metric, please!

Can this please be done?
I have had this since new, but ever since I went to XP I have been unable to install it.
It still sounds great…I have the 8-channel version in the Surround Edition but this is overkill on a mono track

Oh yeah, I remember this one to be a huge step in EQ plugins, maybe the first software EQ I came across that had the WOW factor.
Now I don’t really know if I would use an “unsupported” plugin for my client’s productions these days, especially since there is no shortage of really nice sounding EQs…

And it still sounds great - at least, the 8-channel version does.
Unsupported means very little to me with an EQ plugin that was badly supported in the first place.
I’ll risk it…it would be really nice to be able to use it again

Yes, Christmas present for Nuendo users. Free Q-Metric. Great eq.

But wasn’t there someting about this company from Bremen…er…not being a partner of Steinberg anymore…?

They were Spectral Design, who I believe got swallowed up into the “Cube” system, which is effectively WaveLab with bells on.