Q: On the particular device, whether iPhone or..?

Does the software only ask for the password ONE time per device by design? Or should it ask for the password every time you pull up the app on your iPhone or iPad?

It seems to only ask one time, as if the device remembers the password. I can live with this but I wonder if this is correct? The problem would be, what if the password became disabled - how would you ever know?

BTW, I’ve given up on trying to use the app on the ad hoc network. It is not as safe or efficient this way because my computer is connected to the internet, but I am just tired of dealing with all the hoops. And also, from my experiments here, I cannot connect two devices on the ad hoc network.

So I am hoping that Carlos and Steinberg continue reconfigure this app to perform better on an ad hoc network, and I do understand that Windows is the biggest problem. Windows regards networks as a possible threat to the computer and it will not let them be easily manipulated of course. Which is a drag in this case. :frowning:

Hi there!

Yes it’s expected that you only have to enter the password once and for all.
If you want to know yo’d have to check in the Rotski’s configuration panel in Cubase if this setting is enabled or not.

Unfortunately as a matter of a fact these networking issues are highly depending on your own configuration and the OS itself. Cubase iC Pro is doing nothing else but using the network layers of the OS. We are still improving as much as possible the efficiency of the communication but we cannot go faster than your network. I would suggest you to ping your device from your computer and see the natural latency of your network. Here at work with my ad-hoc connection it’s hardly impossible to lower the latency to less than 20 ms for instance.

Hope to have answered your questions!


Dear Armand,

1. I have a strong feel that you are looking at the wrong reasons.
A “slow” network should never result in a failure to connect or a failure to discover! If this is the case you are using the wrong tools or making really lousy code.

2. There is no information that IC Pro should require any special network. The stated requirements are:


  • iPhone 4S, 5
  • iPad 2, 3, 4
  • iPad mini
  • iPod touch 5
    Cubase versions required:
    Cubase 6.5/7, Cubase Artist 6.5/7,
    Cubase LE/AI/Elements 6
  • Native 32-bit and 64-bit Cubase versions supported
    The Steinberg SKI Remote extension has to be installed
    on the computer for Cubase iC Pro to work: Steinberg SKI Remote | Steinberg
    Cue mix functionality is only available together with Cubase 6.5/7._

3. Competitive products from the App store work without any problem on the same network.

Btw, enclosed are my Ping statistics when pinging the iPad from my Windows 8 installation.
Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=96ms TTL=64
Reply from bytes=32 time=117ms TTL=64
Reply from bytes=32 time=35ms TTL=64
Reply from bytes=32 time=54ms TTL=64
Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 35ms, Maximum = 117ms, Average = 75ms

This is the (worse/equal) Ping statistics when pinging from OS X (same machine, same network but with OS X and a working IC Pro)
PING ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=64 time=284.349 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=102.361 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=64 time=125.819 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=64 time=46.568 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=64 time=70.243 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=5 ttl=64 time=92.756 ms
— ping statistics —
6 packets transmitted, 6 packets received, 0.0% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 46.568/120.349/284.349/77.422 ms

Summary: I do not buy the BS about “Network latency”. The problem is as I see it the Steinberg implementation of the (for Windows) crappy Bonjour solution.

I think you see it wrong. Many people here stated that it works with Windows 8. So there must be something else that causes you trouble to connect. Sure latency has nothing to do with it. I suspect that some settings in your Windows 8 installation is causing the trouble. It’s impossible to guess what this might be without more knowledge of your settings.


Thanks for the response, Armand!

I do agree with ONSatan in regard to the latency issue. Initial connectivity has not much to do with network latency, but only the operation of the DAW from the app device. Correct?

Anyway, here’s something for ONSatan. You say you have followed some of my instructions before, now give this a try please:

  1. Have your Win7 PCturned on and be connected to your PUBLIC wireless network, forget the ad hoc network for now. (Do not turn on Cubase yet.)

  2. Choose your device, whether iPhone or iPad, and number of devices up to four. Click on the app and let the device sit where you can see if it/they find Cubase and your computer. This should show a blank connection box screen.

  3. Turn on your Cubase version.

  4. Do the device(s) now show the line in the connection box that says, ‘Cubase (followed by the name of your PC?)’

I’m not sure what you are doing over there in your environment but you seem pretty versed in the mechanics of computers. I’m suggesting that the steps to connection have not been detailed clearly by Steinberg, so follow my instructions. If you follow these steps, it has to work. Now, if you DO NOT see your ‘Cubase (and the name of your PC)’ in the connection box then there is something else wrong. I have done this too many times, connected to Cubase by following these steps. In fact, if you do not follow these steps, you cannot connect to more than one device. If you let one device connect to Cubase and then elect to add another device, it won’t happen. All the devices you are trying to connect have to be turned on to the iC Pro ‘channel’ before you start Cubase.

Arne and Roos,
Thanks for your effort to help!
I’ll try the suggestions from Roos as soon as I get to the studio tomorrow.


I tried this but it did not work. I have also tried to reinstall windows 8 but the result is the same, i.e.:

It works flawlessy when I boot into OS X but not when booting Windows.
A strange detail I fond, the free version is easier to booth see and connect to.
I Will not spend more time on this until Steinberg make a new release. There are competitive producs that works on my Windows installation so I will upgrade one of those instead of fighting this beta software from Steinberg.

I am a MASSIVE Steinberg fan and religiously buy all the upgrades as soon as they appear. Cubase / Wavelab / Sequel and various plugins and VSTi. So, please don’t think I am bashing Steinberg.

However, I agree with the previous post. This APP simply will not work for many people using Windows 7 64 bit.
I can only assume it does work for some people or Steiny would not keep selling it.

However, as stated on other posts, I’ll wait until a fully working version is available before I upgrade. And, I can only guage when this will be by seeing every post here saying it works flawlessly.


wodehouse? Did you try what I suggested above? It does work if you turn it on in the right sequence. Ha! Make a liar out of me if you can. :sunglasses:

ONSatan, it is odd what you report. You did not confirm whether you saw ‘Cubase (and the computer name)’ in the iPhone or iPad app when you turned on Cubase. What came up in the screen? If nothing, then you have a different problem I think. IF THE LINE ‘Cubase (and the computer name)’ DID SHOW UP, THEN IT HAS TO CONNECT.

So what did or did not show up?

:exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

You do know, it might be possible that the Mac OS is not releasing the connection to Win7. Perhaps this occurs with all dual boot computers. Well, and then you say the FREE CUBASE APP works. Maybe you should uninstall the FREE APP, have you thought about this? Perhaps Bonjour is confused, and yes, I only have the iC Pro app on my devices.

Hello - far be it from me to prove anyone right or wrong, but I can’t see why you sent me to that thread. I have posted on that thread too about it not working for me.

When you say you have to turn it on in the right order (and direct me to that thread), I can’t see any reference to the order you refer.

The video was of no value to me because I followed the steps and still it fails to connect.

I notice the thread link I was sent to has now been removed.

Sorry wodehouse, it was actually in this post, a few posts above, in what I suggested to ONSatan. My bad.

I notice that both you guys, wodehouse and ONSatan both have the free Steinberg app for working with Cubase installed on your devices. Is it possible the free app is is causing a problem with the iC Pro app? Uninstall it from your device and try again, that’s easy enough.

Neither of my devices, the iPad or iPhone have any other Cubase control app on it except iC Pro. This might be your problem?

Dear Roos,
Thanks for your resilient support.
I will not test any more until Steinberg do release an update (spent too much time on this “minor” thing and must work now (a competitive product works without any problem so I “am good now” (but a a bit pissed off that I have been fooled to spend money on this beta product). Buying this “Pro” version was an as bright idea as buying Cubase 7.0 (was not able to use it for more than a month until 7.01 came out). Steinberg, I might be slow in learning but I DO learn my lessons, NEVER EVER buy a newly release piece of Steinberg software…

But, to your questions:

  1. The computer does show up mostly in the free version (but still does not connect). More or less never in the Pro version.

  2. I can sometimes get it (both free and Pro) to connect IF I fiddle with iTunes services on/off or if restart my router (there is no guarantee that works, 80% of the time it does not work). NOTE: I have disabled the firewall in my router and I connect to the same router when I boot into OS X (but then I get a solid connection from the same machine).

  3. I will try to uninstall the free version but I have no hopes (IF that was “recommended” I think Steinberg should have come up with that somewhere)…

Anyhow, thanks Roos for trying to help me!

Hello - no, sorry - I don’t have the FREE version. I only have the PAID version - i.e. the one that doesn’t work.


Thanks for updating your posts, both of you. I hope Steinberg can be of some help of course. Like you, I thought this app was going to need a lot of work but then I got connected and am able to connect at will. ? It’s a puzzle to me that you have followed my connection steps and still can’t get connected. I don’t know how an app purchase is refunded or if its even possible but you guys look like candidates to me.

ONSatan, I would still try removing the other apps from your device and try my steps again. They’re in your apps folder in iTunes anyway, they won’t be lost. I do understand how you could be feeling regarding beta this and beta that. But you know something? This whole digital recording thing is beta on some level all the time. All the software makers are developing in an environment that is not a perfect rendition of a real world environment. Steinberg does not have your computer in their house, in other words. But… well, i know you know this. In time, I’m hoping they get wodehouse and you up and running because the app is pretty cool to have.

On a another note, I have an HP printer that has a wi-fi send and receive device on it. I downloaded the HP app, e-print, the other day and after some small hoops my PC, my iPad, my macbook pro, and my iPhone can find it in the house. The PC and Mac don’t need the app to work, but the iPad and iPhone do, and they connect perfectly every time, showing the printer on its app screen. Perhaps Steinberg would take a look at this app? I know Steinberg is not as big as HP but the app might be worth a look.

Dear all,

as announced yesterday, Cubase iC Pro 1.0.4 is now available at the iTunes App Store:

Besides fixing minor user reported problems, this update adds the option to enter the IP address of a computer manually to support all users having connection problems with Cubase iC Pro.

Furthermore we’ve added a Knowledge Base article that describes how to determine the correct IP address of your computer (to be entered in the IP address field in iC Pro):

Please give this update a try and let us know if it helps to solve the issue.

& greetings from Hamburg

[quote=“Oliver”]Dear all,

as announced yesterday, Cubase iC Pro 1.0.4 is now available at the iTunes App Store:

Besides fixing minor user reported problems, this update adds the option to enter the IP address of a computer manually to support all users having connection problems with Cubase iC Pro.

How about making it compatible with MIDI hardware adapters eg. iConnect MIDI not everyone wants to use
WiFi for remote control. Lemur works great but I would LOVE a Steinberg app to use with Cubase v7.0.3