Q re; Automation Panel

Hi guys…
could use a little help, if you please…

I have a set of tracks going out on a stereo group master.
On this I have the SB post filter doing a HP. I have tweaked the settings to what I like.
Now…I need to write a volume only pass on this group master.
Have disabled all read/write enables except volume.

Suddenly I hear changes in the filter while automating and sure enough R&W are again enabled and doing it’s thing.
What do I miss ??

thanx to all who can help

I think more info is necessary. You’re saying that you disable read/write, do tweaks, and then the read/write re-enables themselves without you doing anything?

It sort of sounds like you accidentally wrote automation to the plugin while having the track in write mode and insert auto enabled in the auto panel, which then won’t be heard if you disable read in the panel… until you re-enable it manually of course.

or suspend the automation.
or delete it …


Thanx both… :slight_smile:
I got it…