Q: The New Steinberg Library in C10

I think I have this correct but a few questions.

#1) As to the new Library, with C9.5 already installed, as I load C10 and set up the Steinberg Library to move my VST sound samples to an HD that is NOT my C Drive (Windows here), will C10 recognize the C9.5 sound files AND work it’s magic on NOT COPYING DUPLICATE FILES? In other words, C10 has it’s own sound files (I assume they are some of the same ones found in C9.5) so the new Steinberg Library will recognize this and allow me to NOT copy them? Correct? Would it matter or be easier if I deleted the entire C9.5 sound files before installing C10?

#2) The current C9.5 origin HALion Library will be AUTOMATICALLY loaded into the Steinberg Library? Or will C10 come with the HALion library installed, such that I don’t really need to keep the current HALion Library installed?

#3) Can the Steinberg Library also store/reference other company’s sound files so that they can be interfaced more easilt with the Steinberg Reverance plugin? Such as the various Waves or SIR IR responses?

OK, questions over, I wanted to say that just having this new Steinberg Library onboard is a game changer for me. To know that I can offload these sound files from my C Drive will really help me with HD data space. Thank you!!

pal there are three other threads with similar issues… the problem may lie with the fact that C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound folder is used by all versions of cubase installed… ya know… instead or just making it easy and giving each version of cubase its own folder which you can choose to point to if needed at a later stage. my cubase 10 installer keeps failing when installing the other content… i could fix it by just copying all the contect from installer folder and placing it… problem is im going to have duplicates of sound files that cubase 9.5 already has… so i can either overload my small ssd m2 card or use a bespoke location and get contect conflict errors when i create loaction short cuts. cubase 10 content has been sorted into seperate folders but it still means there are file duplicates to deal with… i wonder if they thought this thru??

just to add… your best bet is to create a “cubase 10 content” folder where you need it… paste the content there in the given folder structer steinberg had created then short cut it all to your default C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound folder amd hope for no duplicate conflicts with cubasr 9.5…
in the ideal world you would just uninstall older cubase versions and move on all dandy… but we all know thats a fools path to take. :wink:

just to confuse matter worse… steinberg also put contect here
C:“User”\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound…
which is a pain if you use the windows 10 option to move your user folder to another drive like me

i think ive found a way. let cubase 10 install all the content to deault folder… then use the steinberg library manager to set a new default location and choose to move all your data… that should in theory rewrite your registry to redirect cubase to look at new location… im just toying with it now to figure it out… maybe stenberg should create a “how to” video for this manager…

Hey there mashipx, thanks for the info, especially the last post. I will do as you suggest.

Did this work? I’m yet to jump on the C10 wagon but would like to know before I do!

ok, So I’m getting how to use the Library Manager and have set up the tools/apps to point to the file locations needed. Now, I’ve found a few orphan files floating around on my system. I’d like to move them to the right location for the specific tool. Is there a way to figure out what library file goes to what tool? Maybe some tag in the file name that would tell me if it goes with a certain vst instrument tool.