Q: Track FX - When duplicating a Montage Track

In a montage, if I add Track Effects to a track, then duplicate the track, the Track Effects are also duplicated, but remain synchronized. Any change I make to the Track Effects on one track is propagated to the duplicate. Is there a way to divorce the Track Effects between the original and duplicated track?

Wow, this is quite a bug that you found. It seems like a bug anyway. I can confirm it here too.

I don’t think I ever noticed it because I rarely use Track FX and even more rarely duplicate a track with Track FX.

By chance, I saw this bug too recently, though it is not recent.

Good news that it’s not something I was misunderstanding. I was also expecting it to be a deliberate feature, or maybe something particular with Apple M1. I’m on Wavelab 10.0.70 (build 180), if that helps.