QC EQ mode, but how to enable the EQ?

I would be interested to know from the other QC control users - when you use your QC in EQ mode, have you found a way to set F1-F8 to enable/disable EQ1-EQ4? As convenient as it is to have the knobs configured to change the EQs, you still can’t do anything unless you grab your mouse and activate the 4 channel EQs individually (note that the CH controller only BYPASSes ALL EQs on the selected channel).

Since the QC’s default F1-F8 settings are Transport functions and I already have a TP, I’d like to set them as F1 to EQ1 on/off, F2 to EQ2 on/off… etc. Or at worst, F1 to EQ1 on, F5 to EQ1 off… etc.

Had a dig around the settable options in the Device Setup panel but was unable to find anything to achieve this. Anyone work around this problem?

In eq mode, the shift functions of the top row of buttons (Q, I/Q Learn, EQ, MIDI) are enable/disable the four bands of EQ.

Can’t see the forest for the trees… DOH!