Qcon Pro XS - anyone using more than 2 expanders successfully with Cubase?

I have had luck connecting 2 XS units to my Qcon Pro X but once I bring in the third XS all hell breaks loose. Cubase freezes after about a minute of playing any project (new, old, small, large). We have been working very closely with tech support on this, and they first suggested it was a problem with the PC. So we took the Pro X and the three Pro XS’s into my set up - and I couldn’t even get as far as loading Cubase.

Getting all 3 expanders to even be assigned with the right Mackie Control i/o was a nightmare in itself. Multiple reboots and restarts of Cubase were necessary and at one point Cubase said I had an invalid e-licenser account.

So the bottom line seems to be, that it works with 2 expanders but not 3. Tech support at Icon/mixware are evasive about whether anyone using Cubase has tried 3. They have been helpful and good to work with, and I am currently awaiting their reaction to the news that it’s not some anomaly with my husband’s PC, because it fails on mine to a much worse degree. I cannot open Cubase with all 3 expanders. Just thought I’d look around to see what other experiences have been.

I guess we are alone in this scenario but I’ll update this for future reference. It’s now been suggested that we might try connecting each expander directly to the PC USB ports, instead of to the USB connections on the back of the Pro X. And they’ve said not to use a hub. So that will take a bit of time to reorganize. They’ve supplied us with very short cables.

Updating this to let whoever, know that we solved the problem. All devices have to be connected directly to the USB ports on the PC, and not on the back of the Pro X where the USB ports are nicely labelled for the expanders.