QEMU Emulator

I can’t play anything at the moment as the audio performance meter is off the scale.
When i look at Task Manger it seems QEMU is taking 37%. Do i need QEMU on the machine ?


You don’t need it for Cubase.

Is there a way to remove it from Windows 11 ?
Is it needed for Wavelab ?

QEMU has nothing whatsoever to do with either Cubase or WaveLab.

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Are you using a virtual machine? If not I see no reason why you would have it. If you are then probably not a good way to run Cubase.

QEMU is a virtual machine for running old PPC Mac crap. Why on earth would anyone need it for anything other than running some old OS 7/8/9 software??

Are you trying to run some old cracked version of VST24 or something?

I didn’t know it was there until my machine ran into Cubase CPU problems. How do I get rid of it ?

Uninstall it?

How ? I can’t see it in the programmes list in control panel

If you don’t know how it got installed, then I would say your computer has been compromised by malware of some sort. QEMU itself is not malware, but other malware (“virus”) may have downloaded it and installed it in order to run whatever is going on.

In any case, not a problem of Steinberg products, so this is not the place to look for a fix.

Sometimes people come here for help.
As QUME is affecting Cubase i think it is a pertinent question and someone may have the knowledge to help.

With all respect, QEMU has nothing whatsoever to do with Steinberg products. Please bear in mind that this is a user-to-user forum, we help each other on a regular basis, and I have nevertheless offered advice as to what I think may be a possible cause.

As a registered user, you also have access to official Steinberg support via MySteinberg.

Are you aware that QEMU has quite its own large user base, and you can go get help directly from the QEMU forums.? Google is an amazing resource we have today, not sure why people still don’t use it first nowadays.

Not trying to be mean, but this is a Cubase forum, folks here are only concerned with Cubase. Not everyone knows what emulators are or runs them, and I highly doubt Steinberg’s testing team is loading up QEMU or MAME or DOSBox to see if it affects Cubase at all…

QEMU has quite a bit of an involved setup as well, at least on the Mac. And it should not be interfering with ANYTHING on the system at all, and doesn’t run until you open it yourself. If you are not sure how it got there, and its doing something that affects other applications, you’ve got bigger problems to worry about than your Cubase performance at the moment.

Yes, as Monotremata said, this situation could indicate that something malicious is going on with your computer.

If you cannot find a likely explanation for why this process is running, then it might be best to re-install the whole system.

If you were already planning a fresh install as mentioned in the linked post, then this might be a good time to do it.

OK Thanks.
I accidently left the WIFI on so I’m wondering if it came from a cloud. I can’t ifnd it anywhere on the the pc but Task Manager had that as the problem.