Qs About Upgrading From 5.52 (64) JBridge


I am evaluating C6. I was initially skeptical as the marquee new features don’t do that much for me (or -would- if more vendors supported VST3 and VST Expression)… But I digress.

I am starting to be quite impressed with the improvements in the GUI. It is, for me, MUCH more readable and that alone -may- be worth $150 clams. The new lanes are -fantastic- as well.

My question is: Have there been any -real- improvements in the ‘32 bit bridge’? Like probably everyone I’m using JBridge. I’m wondering if C6 takes this need away. I don’t find JBridge bad, but I find that I have to rebuild my JBridge folder every time I add -any- new plug and that’s a bit annoying.



Have there been any -real- improvements in the ‘32 bit bridge’?

No, and there never will be.


I don’t have the same problem and can add one dll at a time, so am wondering where this is going wrong for you.

Well, perhaps I’m doing something wrong.

I created a MyBridgedPlugins folder. In the Cubase settings I tell Cubase that my plugs are in -this- folder and not the ‘real’ plug-in folder (VSTPlugins).

JBridge scans VSTPlugins and populates the MyBridgedPlugins folder with the contents of the ‘real’ folder.

Every time I add a new plug to the VSTPlugins folder (the ‘real’ plugin folder), I have to re-scan with JBridger otherwise the new plug won’t show up in Cubase (which makes sense since Cubase is pointing to the MyBridgedPlugins folder.)

What am I missing?


You can double click the folder in jbridger and carry on through the folders until the new plugin shows up, select it and then click on OK, it is not immediately obvious — until you do it.

Thanks. Nice tip.

But I guess the answer to my original questions is ‘No, the internal bridging has not been improved’?

This just in: One other sorta scary thing… I’ve loading some test projects from 5.52 and they don’t play back identically—specifically, the release of samples in Halion 3 and Kontakt seem to get cut off. I thought that crap was over with SX3—the backward compatibility kept getting better with each version. Anyone else noticed this?