Q's before Purchasing - first time buyer

I have q’s before first time purchase.

  • is the manual online or book?
  • does it come with an id or key?
  • does Asio download automatically?

Here’s what I know…

is the manual online or in book?
Only online

Does it come with ID or key?
With an access code to enter in Steinberg Download Assistant. All information is provided with an email from the Steinberg product supplier.

Does Asio download automatically?
Asio drivers are generally available with your audio interface, otherwise there is ASIO4ALL which is perfect.

Thank you!

fyi, if it were a book, just the manual…not the plug in references or other stuff would be over 1,000 pages.

If you have the money you can always take the pdf to a printer or whatever. I too used to want a printed manual, but after 500 pages I decided maybe a pdf might be better.

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To clarify the manuals, they are online or downloadable pdf.

Manuals for some companies are online-only…not even pdf. Which can be way inconvenient.

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Very helpful, thank you

Thanks very much

Not to mention tons of helpful videos on Youtube. I’ve learned more from Dom Sigalas and Chris Selim than from the manual.



Yes, I will watch them. Thanks Mark

The weekly Cubase Club on YouTube is also extremely helpful. I have learned a ton of techniques by watching these streams.

For video tutorials this can help too.

Haven’t seen a printed manual in 30 years or more.

Thanks, I’ll subscribe.

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Excellent, thank you. I’ve bookmarked and subscribed.

I’ve seen a manual for a very early version of Cubase. But I guess I’ll be ok with an online one.