QT & QT alternative questions

Hey guys,

Years ago I was advised to install Quicktime Alternative on my system, since it would play most video types and would have a slight strain on the cpu.
Now, N6.5.30 runs on the Quicktime engine, but I’ve noticed that there are some issues with QT.
For instance choppy playback of some MP4 files/h264 codec. The audio is ok, but the video is a bit jerky.

  • Ok, will N6.5.30 work with the QT Alternative?
  • If not, which version of QT will work best on Win7.
  • Are there necessary tweaks or secrets to have a smooth running QT system?

Looking for your input.
Thanks in advance

Hey guys,

Let me rephrase my question; Anyone had issues with Quicktime 7.7.5 (win7)?
Your contribution will be appreciated.

Hi guys,

Here an update…
I went to work on the issues I had and did some testing…
Ok I’ve used 2 mp4’s, each from another supplier. The 1st file is approx 5 min and the 2nd is around 3 hrs.
Playing them with QT 7.7.2 gives a jerky video, but ok audio.
I recoded the 1st file with some settings/instructions from the video support page (P & B frames etc) and then the playback was good.
Next I downloaded QT 7.7.6 , installed the player and the essentials on the second machine and played both original files with QT,the playback was better then in QT 7.7.2 , but I had the feeling that it had still a slight jerkiness.
Now here it comes, playing the files with Nuendo 6.5.30…tadaaaaa…the playback now was smooth.
Just wanted to update this post and share the info.