Qt5Network.dll is missing


I installed WL 8.5 then uninstalled 8.0 a few days later. Things seemed fine, but today I suddenly got:

WaveLab8_5_64.exe System Error

The program can’t start because Qt5Network.dll is missing from your computer.

Tips for a safe way to fix this?

Simply reinstall WaveLab.

Sounds risky and a lot of work. I’m afraid of losing my presets, licenses, plugins, etc.

Not possible to simply download the DLL or something like that.

If you simply reinstall (do NOT unistanll anything), you won’t loose anything.

Oh. Thanks PG. I’ll backup presets and do that.

Reinstalled. Rebooted too. Didn’t help.

This is not normal.
Can you verify the presence of the missing file in this folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\WaveLab 8\

I recommand to erase manually this folder, and install again. You won’t loose settings, don’t worry.

Check to see if your anti-virus program has moved the Qt5Network.dll to quarantine folder. It happened to me today when I luanched WL 8.5.10 Avast reported Qt5Network.dll is a suspected virus and moved the .dll to quarantine folder. I had to restore the .dll and disable Avast in order to use WL 8.5.

Yes happened here as well with avast: I excluded it from scanning and uploaded the file to virustotal.com and it found nothing.
To restore from the Avast Virus Chest:

  • open avast user interface (Right click on icon in systray)
  • goto Statistics
  • goto component status
  • click on Items stored in Virus Chest

from there you can right click on the file and choose your option.

Hope it helps

I updated Avast from definition 140827-0 to 140827-1 and went to the Virus Chest to scan the Qt5Network.dll again. It is now reported as --no virus –

Restore and exclude in Avast was it! Super thanks! :slight_smile: