Qu.: Drum-VST for Jazz: BFD3 or SD3 ?

Hello forum,
I’m looking for a Drum VST with many ready jazz / blues / etc patterns.
I do not need sound screwdriving etc.
I already have the GA4 (before I had GA3, too), plus the Blues Essentials, but I do not find any suitable pattern/groove.

The BFD3 demo impressed me.
I do not know Superior Drummer 3 yet.

Has anyone from this “corner” already experiences?

Hi gamelany,

If you’re just looking for jazz drum patterns you don’t need to purchase anymore vst instruments but simply search online for midi jazz/blues drum patterns/loops and you will find billions of them. They will be in the midi file format so simply import one of the midi files and assign your GA4 so it’s playing the correct sounds!

It’s as easy as that! :wink:

Hope this helps and has saved you lots of money, LOL?

Kind regards

James Colah

I use BFD3 and you have Brusk drum kit and with the “Real Jazz” Midi pack from “Platinum Samples” you’ll be happy I think for making real Jazz brush…

Thank you for your advice! I will do that

Also these:


I can highly recommend EZ Drummer v2 and the Jazz EZX from Toontrack.
It really sounds fantastic.
It’s also light on your CPU, loads fast and the gui is great and easy.
i have no need for more Drum libraries.
They have tons of extensions, you find anything you need.
Pricing is ok and quite reasonable in my opinion.

If you want more, you can always upgrade to superior Drummer 3,
wich is about the same league as BFD

I have abandoned BFD a while ago.
Just too much and quite chaotic and complicated to use.
It’s been a while though, so maybe they have sorted things out by now.
The sound of BFD was excellent though.

Many of the free loops on the internet are rather stiff and not organic sounding.
I have the groovemonkey stuff, it’s ok but really not that exciting …

I would recommend playing around with the demos, and than decide.


Thank you all for your comments!