Quad cortex not visible in cubase 13 on windows

I just bought cubase 13 and was astonished to find out that although windows sees my quad cortex with all its inputs/outputs, cubase doesn’t. Why on earth? How can this be fixed?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Where you don’t see all Inputs/Outputs? Are you talking about audio- or MIDI Inputs/Outputs:

Maybe you didn’t install the ASIO driver for the QC?

Hi all. I figured it out. I had the drivers installed and saw all the sound interfaces from Windows sound options, but not in Cubase media.

There were two factors that helped. Cubase crashed after my attempts and I rebooted. Having quadcortex plugged in right from the beginning (before powering up the pc) seems important. After the reboot Cubase asked whether it should reset to factory settings, I answered yes, then it asked what audio interface I’d like to use, this time there was quadcortex one listed as well. Then took me some time to find the correct input/output ports (3 and 4). I ended up recording two tracks at the same time, one for left (3), one for right (4). Reassigned tracks to those specific left or right channels. And it sounded wonderful.