Quadrafuzz and legacy plugins download

I can’t get a hand on the quadrafuzz in the steinberg ftp. There’s a QuadraFuzz1_01_Update.zip, but it doesn’t work on my Win 7 x64… I haven’t my retail dvds with me because i’m on the move, and i really need this plugin. Where can i find it ? Please !

OMG, 37 views and still no help. I ever wonder what’s the use for this forum.

When you say it doesn’t work do you mean not showing up?

I had the same issue, I got it to show up by updating the plugin list.

Yep, everyone should immediately stop whatever they are doing, and look that up for you… :unamused:

@thinkingcap : not exactly but this is a common issue and i assume a bunch of people would feel my pain and try to help, yes. Moreover, i was expecting Steinberg support on this.

@De-Fine music : it’s not even in the C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 7\VSTPlugins\Distortion folder, and i haven’t the dvd with me because i’m travelling. I wonder if there’s a place to get it (the plugin)

I suspect there is a copy in one of the previous versions of Cubase on the ftp try version 4 or 5. Cant remember been a while since I used it.

Hopefully they spend their time solving some serious issues…

2 minutes…

2 minutes to link an empty folder…Nice work. :wink:

Regarding the installer you downloaded already (Update 1.01) … If you run it on WinXP it asks for an authorisation code and the readme seems to suggest you need the original CD in the drive.

The linking itself took even less than 2 minutes, but maybe you should check your browser…

:blush: Ha…apologies, you’re right…Chrome is obviously filtering out some files…I can see zip files but not dlls.

All there in Firefox.

I’m using Firefox too. When I click that link a page opens with the DLLs right there ready to click and download.

I got the Steinberg Vocoder from the same place. Don’t know why they ditched that Vocoder.

Of course it is there - if it was not, I had not linked it …
And to the OP - you´re welcome…

wtf ? Is it Chrome, really ? OMG it is, that’s why i couldn’t find it anywhere. At least i would have learned something. @thinkingcap: despite the bitter tone, thank you :slight_smile: