Quadrafuzz and other old plugs

Whatever happened to Quadrafuzz, and a few other cool old plugs that used to come with Cubase? Why did they stop including them and updating them? I love Quadrafuzz, that was a cool little plugin.

It is still available on ftp://ftp.steinberg.net/


Well yeah the old version is still available. I just want to know why they ditched development of those plugins.

Chopper was another great plugin, not included anymore or kept up to date with the latest batch.

I just want to I know why they dictehd these really usefull tools, and would really like them to update them and bring them back.

They have been bringing some back from the dead, and I’m hoping they bring more back. I use the ModDelay quite a bit, nothing exactly like it in the new gamut of plugins…


Yeah that’s another plugin also the ModDelay, why did they just dump these plugins. I also liked the ModDelay plugin myself. A little consistency with plugs from version to version is all I’m asking. :smiley:

It’s not supported anymore… it’s a vst 2.2, Cubase 7 only supports 2.4 or higher.

Are you sure it is not working? I have other VST 2.2 plugins in Cubase 7 that works.

Whilst it will run, it is not recommended as the officially supported minimum is VST2.4

Win Download:

Mac Download:

Works with Cubase 8

hey ! I’m using MacOS now and I had Quadrafuzz on my old pc. I can’t find Quadrafuzz for Mac but I’ve seen that you have a link to downloading it but it’s not working :confused: can you please send a new link for Quadrafuzz for Mac (.vst) ?

For anyone interested I managed to get these files from FTP link following these instructions:

The root address is given here: https://Download of ‘Additional Content’ from legacy Cubase installations discs

This is the address to copy and paste into Windows Explorer or Finder’s Connect To Server:

Happy days!

Hi. Forgive my ignorance but how do you download from an ftp location?