Quadrafuzz Red??

Hey all,

I KNOW KNOW! 32 bit is dead, get over your stupid legacy plug-ins. That’s actually not what this post is about. I was actually wondering if anyone out there had a copy of the Quadrafuzz Red plugin (Spectral Design) from like 2000? I figure if I can’t have my QF1, I’ll go to the next best thing and JBridge it.

I can’t seem to find it ANYWHERE at all anymore. I used to have it way back when, but never used it because I had Steiny’s QF1. I actually WOULD like to eliminate all 32 bit plugs anyways and join the crowd… but that plug is just not one I’m going to let go of easily. So JBridge it is! And I know you can’t JBridge legacy Steinberg plugs.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, or hell even PM with it attached, I’d be eternally grateful. Maybe I’ll take it one step further and make a link to it that’s easily searchable and findable to all us Quadrafuzz dorks. (Sorry QF2, you’re a great plug, but just not the same) :slight_smile:

I Googled: Spectral Design Quadrafuzz and immediately found 2 links that offered it up for free.

That’s cracked software if that wasn’t absolutely obvious.

oh really? did you try FOLLOWING those links? I’ve been trying for a while now. Every link I find leads to some dead end…

bumpity bump!! :slight_smile:

Anyone with a copy / VERIFIED location online of this plug? I would be eternally grateful :slight_smile:

Erm… metl4evr – This being a company web forum, from a company that has has famously (or infamously depending on your perspective) fought piracy from their start, consider that it’s maybe not such a good idea to post cracked software in that self-same forum. Post removed, see https://www.steinberg.net/forums/ucp.php?mode=terms

I’m sorry! I didn’t know that was cracked software. Pardon!