Quadro - How to pan effects to rear?


I am playing around with quadrophonic sound and am running into an issue.

These are the steps I did to configure:

Essentially I setup 4 speakers with 4 discrete outs on my sound card.
Setup a quadro speaker bus configuration
Loaded up a VST and panned it to the front
Created an FX track
Attempted to move the FX track output to the rear. This appears to not be possible to do as the FX Track doesn’t seem to have the Surround Panner available. How can you move the FX track to any combination of the 4 speakers without this?

Is there maybe a better way to do this other than how I am doing it?


Open Channel Settings window of the Channel. On the left side, switch the bottom tab to Routing. Click to the plug-in slot, and select the routing, you want to apply (Stereo in your case).

Thanks for the response!

So does this mean you can’t pan an FX channel around the 4 channels? FX tracks are limited to stereo only?


By default it is routed to all 4 outputs. You can route it freely.

If that is the case, why isn’t the surround panner available for FX tracks?


I hope, now I got your point.

If you route Quadro Audio track, same as Quadro FX track to the Quadro Output, it is always routed 1:1.

If you want to route your FX Track to the fromt speakers only, Add a new Stereo Bus in the VST Conenctions > Outputs, and set the Device Port to your front speaker. Then route your FX Track to this Stereo Out.

If you want to pan your stereo FX within the quadro field, create a quadro Group track, and route your FX channel to that… now you will have the quadro panner available :wink:.

I think there might be an (intermittent?) problem…
When I wrote my post, above, I too didn’t get any surround panner when simply routing a stereo FX channel to a surround output, but (as I wrote) the panner was present if I routed the stereo FX to a surround Group instead…
Well… I have just tried again, routing a stereo FX directly to a surround output, and the panner is present this time!