quadro mix down


I’m running cubase 9, on mac, connected to UR22mkII usb 2 channel audio

I am mixing a project for a gallery sound installation, which will be played back on VLC media player onto quadrophonic set up - four outputs to four speakers with different tracks panned different places.
I have set up the quadro buss in the VST manager (using my 2 output set up above), and can see the box to mix the quadro.

when i export the audio mix, can anyone advise what settings i need? I have tried stereo, mono and no others are available, when i try these, i don’t get a four-way mix just a stereo or mono file.

questions are:

  1. do i need a 4 output soundcard/audio output hardware connected in order to export the quaddro mix?
  2. or, if its possible, what settings do i use in the export panel using my set up above?
  3. In order to export a quadro mix do all the tracks have to be routed through the quadro bus? or can some remain stereo (and be placed centrally in the mix when exported quadro?
  4. what sort of file am i looking for after export - does it create a four way interleaved? or four separate mono tracks?

I’d be grateful for any wisdom on this. I’ve only worked with stereo mixes before.


What is the “VST manager”?

  1. No you need a quadro bus and also have it selected as export bus
  2. see 1.
  3. Since you export the output bus, all tracks you want to have included, must be be routed to the bus
  4. You can choose

Thank you this is very helpful.

I have got now got as far as the ‘export audio mix down’ and have ticked the box Quadro Out.
Output settings are 48KHz, 16Bit, and options to the right in ‘audio engine out’ are:

  • mono down mix (which i don’t want),
    split channels which gives me four bounce downs to four mono tracks one for each speaker output? is this a correct understanding of this?
    L/R channels

Does L/R channels mean an interleaved quadrophonic file? i want to avoid mixing this back to stereo.

thanks again for the advice - much appreciated.