QUADRO Track panning, How can i do?

I have a big idea !!!
When record a electric guitar i record four signal. After my project become vary busy because there are Rytmh guitra, solo guitar, renforce guitar etc… So the electric guitar tracks become 20 or 40…

I think for get in order my project:

  • record the guitar track with QUADRO Track
  • put 4 istance of MautoAling activate the surround setting. It give me the possibility to alling in hpase the four signal.(meldaproduction vst)
  • after i send the output of quadro track to a mono buss
  • in the quadro track panner i image a point with four vertex and moving the point i can chosse the right mix of four signal
  • this could be wonderfull because in only one track i get in order and can see the wavefom, so i can editing the four signal with only one cut, i can menage the phase and the mix of singnal…
    But when i try it in cubase i can’t… When i open the surround panner and move the point at the 100% A vertex i don’t hear only the A signal, when i move the point in the D vertex in can’t hear only the D signal.
    How can i do it?
    i USE CUBASE 5.
    Let me know
    P.s.: for exparimentatio and much more separation sound i try with:
  • signal 1: snare
  • signale 2: bass
  • signal 3: kick
  • signal 4: guitar…