Quality of Compressor and REV-X Reverb

Now that my MR816 has been up and running trouble free for a while, I’m beginning to get some real work done.

I want to say that I am immensely pleased with the quality of the reverb and the compressor.

The interfaces are more utilitarian than those in Cubase, but WOW! The sounds are amazing: rich, deep, pure, and professional.

I wonder if it’s because it’s using specialized hardware and not relying on algorithms written for a computer.

I’ve set up a-b comparisons between all of the Cubase reverbs & compressors - which are quite good IMHO, but where the Cubase effects are good, the MR816 effects are perfect - at least to my ears.

It would be awesome if Cubase could develop a multi band compressor for mastering using onboard compressors from the MR816 - I’ll bet that would sound amazing.

Really wish there was a PLUG-IN version of REV-X Reverb for use in Cubase without the interface!

I only have the X-version so only can comment on the rev-x, I really like it, haven’t heard a better reverb in plugin form yet!!!


yea i like the reverb too… deep and presence(some good words to steinberg! :slight_smile: )
in overall good device its a shame the routhing and Direct monitoring with multipile devices still sucks.