"Quality of life" features request

  • “Keep on top” checkbox for floating windows (eg pool, markers) so that clicking on the main track (or whatever it’s in front of) view doesn’t hide the window

  • “Markers” snap type (same as event snapping, but exclusively for snapping to markers on the active marker track)

  • A function to take all clips on a track and bunch them up on the left side of the track so they’re touching end to end

  • Modular docking interface like WaveLab (ie. being able to arbitrarily pull components off the main interface and attach them somewhere else

  • When working with split track view in the main project window, the ability to lock vertical scrolling in the upper pane to prevent accidental scrolling (something I seem to manage on a regular basis)

  • Ability to open a second video window so we can have a remote screen (eg. in a booth) running video in fullscreen, and also have a small floating video window for local reference.

  • When dragging automation nodes, the ability to perform snap-alignment of the selected node with the vertical position of an adjacent node(s) via a modifier key

  • Middle mouse button click-and-drag scrolling for mixer window (currently seems to just mirror what the left mouse button does)

Thanks, and keep up the great work!

+1 !!!

+1 !