Quantization Controls

Hey Steinberg Community,

I gotta say thanks for the excellent plugin that groove agent 4 is. and also thanks for the tutorials to go along with it, Mr Greg Ondo.

these issues require you to be working in piano roll mode in GA4.2.
the differences are between the oringinal release of GA4 and the latest release GA4.2.

i’ve been demoing GA4 and in the first release ver4. once you were in the piano roll mode you could get all sorts of cool
quantization settings, i.e. each lane in the piano roll could have its own quantize value (c2 could be 1/16th, while c#2 is 1/32nd, F4 1/128th, C5 1/32T etc…)
that’s now no longer possible with GA4.2. Please bring this back…

2nd issue
again, once you’re in piano roll mode and set your quantize value,lets say to 1/32nd and then draw a note in the piano roll it defaults to 1/16ths on the grid and note length, it does this for all the different quantization settings, eg, set to 1/64ths goes back to 1/16ths. Set to 1/32nd T goes back to 1/16th, etc etc…

I also experienced a crash when inputing notes into the piano roll(input/delete input/delete rapidly), it took cubase down which is rare on my system.

hopefully this makes sense to someone. my main goal with GA4 is to use it as a general purpose sequencer inside the Cubase environment, not only for drums and percs.

Thank you guys
Peace out.

I’m using Cubase 7.52 on a Win 7 Computer.

Yes I’ve noticed this. No matter what quantization I set, it remains the same.

Here are the pics, at different quantization levels, both show up the same at zoom level of course.

And I can stretch Halion 5 to desired size, but not Groove Agent 4, which I believe should be a very useful feature especially for pattern editing and to have a bigger size of images for options.

I just bought this, and checking it out. Let me know if I am doing something wrong.

Edit: I’ve also updated to GA 4.2, no change.

Hey Guys,

I don’t know what you mean with piano roll mode.
But when you edit drums in Cubase’s drum editor or in GA4’s
pattern editor, just pull the tab where the name of the drum
is written to the right. Then the grid settings appear again.
I’ve got 4.2 and it works… It’s just not visible until you do so.


Just had a look at the pics.
The 1/16 next to the Q-Button is the overall quantization.
The value that is set here infects all of the pattern’s notes, but
only when you push the Q-Button. But to be true, I find it better
to use the agent’s quantization potentiometer.
The grid of each lane can be set next to the drums name like I said.

This is what I meant by piano roll mode (shown in the pic).

The length of the grid should change when you change the quantization. I am not sure what’s going on. Why is the size of the tiniest block the same even if I change to different quantization.

When I play it, it should play slow / fast depending on the quantization, even that doesn’t seem to happen?

Edit : With Beat Designer, whenever I change the quantization the speed changes can be observed, not in GA or Cubase

I have sorted it out, here are the pics, hopefully should be of use to somebody. :smiley: