Quantization Key Commands challenge....

Hi folks,

I just updated from SX3 (!) to 7 and I’m trying to make the most of the new features.

One thing I do frequently is switch between a custom Quantize value and 1/1. The problem is that when I switch to 1/1 it keeps my swing value, which means I can’t move things in even one-bar increments.

Can any of you power-users recommend a way to get around this? Ideally I’d like to just have one keystroke to take me between the two.

thanks in advance!

Actually, I can use Switch Grid Type to go between swung 16th notes and a bar. What would be nice is to go between, say, 1/8 (non-swung) and 1/16 (swung).

If I get what you’re saying, the problem is custom quantize presets don’t show up in the key commands.

Maybe what you could do is create a macro- with the first command being one of the existant values, like 1/128, followed by as many “Select next Quantize” as you need to get to your custom one.

I don’t have an idea for you how to toggle using just one key though…

macros (multiple keycommands in one shortcut) are your friend . They are at the bottom of the Key Commands screen. Create them in the combinations of Quantize and Quantize feature on/off you need. There a couple of on/off that don’t work right with itertative Quantize enabled. But, you should be able to get a 80% solution.

You guys are awesome. Macros did the trick perfectly:

Set Quantize to 1/64
Toggle Quantize Dotted
Select Next Quantize

It even functions as a toggle. Yay!

Keep that quiet, we don’t want to let it leak out that people actually get help on this forum. It would ruin our reputation.

I have known this for years but I have never read
a more elegant and precise description.

Right on J. Good teaching.