Quantize an element to another.

I have a drum folder quantized, now I would like to quantize the bass to the OH’s (I can do it manually but would like to try with quantize) How to do that?

Another example: I have 2 same guitar tracks and I’d like to quantize one guitar to another so that one guitar is the main guide.
How to do that?

Thank you.


There is Group Editing function on the folder. But this is Cubase Pro feature only. In Cubase Elements, there is no automatic Quantize.

I have Cubase full.

I have done my drum quantization folder for the drums.
Now I want to quantize the bass track (which is outside the drum group folder) to the overheads only.
How to do that?


You have to put these tracks to the same folder. And again, use the Group Editing… And follow the same process.

Thanks, do have I to slice the tracks as well?

The Bass? Yes. Or you can use Warp. Depends on the Quantize Setup.

I have loaded the two tracks into a folder, activated group editing and the tracks are in sync.
Yet, the quantize setup doesn’t show me the elements inside the folder to define the quantization priorities.

Help please.

Help pls. How to quantize an element to another?

I have put a bass track into a folder, then a oh’s track into the same folder. Activated group editing, selected both track and highlithted them too, they are in sync. But if I click on the quantize panel I can’t see thow to tell Cubase to define the guide track for quantization.

Please halp!

Look at here: