Quantize and/or create markers on nearest downbeat

I’m adding markers and I’m finding it very annoying. I come from Logic where I could create either regular markers that occur exactly where the SPL is (e.g. bar OR create “rounded markers” which rounded them to the nearest bar (e.g. bar

So I’m going through my song in cubase and everytime I hit “create new marker” when I get to a new section, however obivously I’m not going to hit it exactly on the downbeat while its playing. So I’m wondering if cubase offers anyway to quantize my markers after the fact, or is there a cubase equvelant to “rounded markers” like in Logic? Right now I have to go back and manually change the position for each marker (e.g. from to bar and its beginning to get annoying. :angry:

You have two possibilities (at least):
Use the Draw tool and click them in with the mouse, set quantize to 1/1, and have snap turned on.

Select the marker and invoke this macro:

Very cool! I knew there must be away (and of course its so simple I feel like an idiot. haha)

Thank you so much for sharing!!!

p.s. is that macro a part of the defaults or did you make it as I cannot find it in my list

Made it. :wink:

I am attempting to do the same, but I’ve run into issues. (note I’m very new at the project logical editor)

I thought I could base it off of the “move events by 1000 bars” example, but I do not see a way to quantize the selected event to move it to the beginning of the measure. Any insight into how you made this macro would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!!

Macros ≠ Logical Presets. They are made in the Key Commands dialog. The manual explains it step by step. I probably read it myself ‘back in the day.’

Oh I see!! A macro can be a combination of normal functions in the key commands! WOW!! However, I dont see the same ones you have shown me. For example you have “transport - locate selection start.” when I search my key commands for “transport” I see a folder full of actions and one of them is “locate selection” but I cannot find “locate selection start.” Again I see “transport - nudge cursor left/right” but nothing for “nudge -1 bar.” Did you make these somehow? This is probably some basic function of cubase that you will be enlightening me too that will change my world, haha! :smiley: