Quantize broken? Win10 / 9.5.3

Quantize is not working as it should. I’m running on Win10 and latest version of Cubase (9.5.3.).


Nothing happens as I hit Q. Am I missing something?


Is the Q Key Command assigned? What happens if you click the button?

Yes Q is assigned and the button also does nothing. Quantize usually works as expected.

I have an odd key signature 15/8 so maybe that causes problems? I tried to reduce quantize resolution to 1/8 and that didn’t help either.


Your ruler is set to timecode not to Bars+Beats. So it is probably quantised (to the musical = Bars+Beats grid).

Aha, don’t know how that changed but you are right. And the notes were in fact already in place. The other drum midi notes were not in time so it sounded a bit off.

Thank you Martin!