Quantize Button on Transport?

Where did the Auto Quantize button go? There used to be one on the transport going WAY back. I’m sure it’s right in front of my face but I’m missing it! Anyone know?

The auto quantize features is put into the little transport panel listbox. Just click on the “merge” name in the transport panel, and at the bottom of the popup list, you can check “auto quantize” :slight_smile:


I looked all over and I don’t see any of those menus you are talking about. ARGH! I may need to search my PDF manual … just was hoping someone could point it out. I’ve been using Cubase since the Atari days and after all these years they moved it!!! :slight_smile:

Well that’s kinda a biggie.

Thanks for the info/tip.

Did you find it Curteye?

Mahalo Mark,

Still waiting to upgrade here. (waiting on 10.9.1)
But this info is good to know now.


I found it Curt. It’s there but it’s sort of hidden. They added an extra click which is sort of a pain if you are like me and turn it off and on all the time depending on what I’m tracking. At least it is there though. :slight_smile:

I see it now… thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking, gmmccurdy, because I missed it too, which is why I came to see if the question had been answered. The manual that comes with 7.5 is the 7.0 manual and 7.0 treated the AutoQ button differently. It’s turned off by default in 7.5 and hidden until activated, so you can’t see the AutoQ button at a glance and the manual doesn’t say how to activate it so you can see it. It’s not explained in the new features addendum either. It would be since if Steinberg could put that, and several other unexplained changes, in a more comprehensive addendum so things are trial and error.

Thanks SLL for the answer.