Quantize - Catch Range

To me, quantize effects notes outside the catch range. Very irritating. How does that catch range actually work?

Let’s say you have quantize set to 16th and Catch range at 10% any note within 10% percent of the amount of ticks per 16th (default is 120) should be quantized.
So in that case only notes within positions ≤ x.x.x.12 are quantized. Here it seems to work as expected.
Non-Q does the opposite.

If I write the notes in manually, it works like you describe. If I record in from midi-keyboard, first quantize to 16 and then wanna change only the 8th’s, then its mess up the 16’s.

It’s hard to tell what’s happening at your end without actually knowing what your exact source material is and what quantize settings you are using. But keep in mind, by default 10% of 1/8th is 24 ticks while 10% of 16th is 12 ticks. So when quantizing with 1/16th C-10 will catch all notes ≤ x.x.x.12, which equals to a 5% catch range when using 1/8th.

In the example below you can see the notes that are 13 ticks from the grid are not being quantized when the catch range is at 10% for 1/16th and 5% for 1/8th.

Here it works as expected, also with recorded notes with Automatic MIDI record quantize enabled and disabled.