Quantize EXACTLY

Hello. Is there a way to have Dorico play written notation back EXACTLY; non interpretation other than notes and rhythms (perhaps dynamics) but no slight fluctuations in pitch length? I have turned off human playback, but the file still seems to be a little off…good example in m 10-11 in treble clef piano
Untitled Project 1.dorico (452.8 KB)

I’m assuming this is either a MIDI import or has been input live as the timings are all slightly inaccurate. If you simply go to the Play menu and choose “reset playback overrides” it looks like it then sets everything to be exactly on the beat. It also correct the note durations. You also need to check in “playback options” that there is no humanization set for the start of note positions but in your project, this is already off so no further action needed here…