Quantize Option: Do Not Allow Overlaps

Maybe it’s there, but if not, there should be an option ‘Do not allow quantised events of same pitch to have same start point’. (I called it ‘overlap’ for short, but that’s not strictly accurate.)

This would prevent the annoyingly common occurence of having two notes quantised to the same start point. If a quantise would make that happen, the notes should just stay where they were.

Do you want to be able to set a condition, if notes are within X ticks apart, do not quantize?

So that 2 notes that are a certain distance apart, close enough to land on the same point after quantize, the later note will not quantize.

If I tapped in a kick drum pattern, and had a few double kicks… when quantizing I could retain the looseness of the secondary kick, rather than it snap over the first kick, and also rather than have the secondary kick lock into a rigid grid.

Or is there anything that quantizes on a scale where notes near (‘near’ being determined by you) a beat will be quantized tighter than notes that fall in between beats.