Quantize presets not remembered by project?

I’m using Cubase artist 8.035.
This has been going on all the time I’ve had v. 8 and I find it really annoying.

Basically whenever I load a project it will default to the quantize preset that I’ve currently selected in my default project, so if I want to work on that track I have to find the correct quantize preset first.
Is there an option somewhere that I’ve missed?
I don’t remember this being the case on Elements 6 which was my previous version, or any other version I’ve had before that.

On a completely different note, does anyone know if I was to buy 8.5 now and left it uninstalled, would that allow me to upgrade to v. 9 for free when it arrives?

No one? :frowning:

No, that’s just the way it works - and has worked in previous versions. There have been several feature requests to have this saved at the project level. The current behavior is quite annoying.

I doubt if you’d get the upgrade since it is likely based on the purchase not install date. Not definitively sure, but “purchased after” is the phrase they use in descriptions.

Is that really how it worked in previous versions? My memory must be poor then.

I guess one workaround is to write in the notes what quantize preset you’ve used and then change it every time.

I guess if the only place to get the upgrade is from Steinberg, they can check the purchase date that way. What a shame.

Yeah, that’s exactly what I do for anything that’s not just a straight grid.