Quantize Swing

Hey guys

In this Spitfire Audio tutorial from Christian Henson on Drums (Cinematic Drum Programming: Day One with Christian Henson - YouTube), @ 3:11, Christian uses (in Logic) a quantize value of “1/16 Swing B” to add as he said, a slight swing.

According Logic user manual, a 1/16 Swing B, delay the position of every second point in the quantization grid by a fixed percentage (as in Cubase I guess), and B is = 54%

Is it equivalent to having the Grid on 1/16 and Swing @ 54% in the Quantize panel in Cubase?


Thanks for your feedback


To me it looks like it’s the same. But I it’s quite some time ago, when I was using Logic.

Huuum, that’s already a good indicator,
Thanks Martin