Quantizing 100 bpm song

Hi everyone;
Since you saved my life once, I guess this one will be really easy for you all;
Once again I knew how fix this with SX but I’m lost with latest version
When I create a new project, or open old one, there is a big problem with quantizing 100 bpm or 130 bpm songs; everything is just… f**ked. Not a single kick or snare, or event comes under a bar. But It’s all fine with 60 or 120 bpm,… An idea guys ?
Thanks in advance !

Probably you have the midi tracks set to Linear Time Base

Thanks mate, i’ll try when back from work. But why the hell does it happen only when the tempo is diffrent than 60 or 120 ? Moreover, will it fix the problem with audio events ?

60 bpm corresponds to 1 beat per second. So at multiples of 60 bpm the grids for musical time & linear time are aligned.

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Holy mother, you found the solution. Thank you so much guys !