Quantizing Audio - Use Hitpoints, Markers, or Both?

Hi All,

I’m trying to quantize a rhythmic acoustic guitar part whose timing is a little loose. If i enable “AudioWarp Quantize” in the upper toolbar and then click on the Quantize button (set to 16th notes,) I see that the waveform is modified, and the guitar part does sound a bit tighter. However, I’m not sure exactly what is going on in this process. Are hitpoints automatically created for any audio part that is dragged into the Arrange window? Is the quantization determined by the number and position of the hitpoints? If so, should I first go through the audio part / waveform and edit the hitpoints before quantizing the part? Would this make the part even tighter?

Or do I need to create warp markers via the “Create Markers from Hitpoints” command and then adjust the position of the warp markers? Should this be done before or after quantizing the part?

I guess I can’t wrap my head around the need for both hitpoints and warp markers. They seem redundant. I can’t seem to figure out what the relationship is between the two? For instance, if I re-edit the hitpoints, do I need to then reapply the “Create Markers from Hitpoints” command? Will doing this remove any warp markers I have added manually? Or is it even necessary to create warp markers in order to quantize an audio part?

Any clarity you can provide is greatly appreciated.


what you can do is; double click audio -> hitpoints -> adjust threshhold -> edit hitpoints
once your happy with the hitpoints then click “create events” and now adjust your audio waveform to the grid

now …if your playing chords and you really want to change the grain of the audio then you would need melodyne as variaduio is only melodic (not polyphonic). what I mean by this is say for example your playing Amin Chord, but you accidently plucked the wrong bass not but the top 2 notes are fine, then you need melodyne to fix it.

or you can just rerecord the acoustic guitar like 30BPM slower and when you rhappy with it, speed it up using musical mode :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the info xerix.

After messing about with the various Hitpoint and AudioWarp controls a bit more, I think I now understand the process for quantizing audio:

  1. Drag the audio file onto an audio track
  2. Double click on the audio file in the Arrange window
  3. Select the “AudioWarp” controls in the left pane
  4. Make sure Musical Mode is turned on
  5. Select the “Hitpoints” controls in the left pane
  6. Turn on “Edit Hitpoints”
  7. Set the Threshold control so that most of the transients / notes in the audio file have a corresponding hItpoint marker
  8. Add additional hitpoints where necessary
  9. Delete any unneeded hitpoints
  10. Select “Create Warp Markers”
  11. In the upper toolbar on the Arrange page, turn on AudioWarp quantize
  12. Set the quantize value to the appropriate beat value
  13. Click the quantize button

There may be a better/faster way to quantize audio parts using some of the other settings in the AudioWarp and Hitpoints sections. For instance, perhaps I should be creating Slices or Events in the Hitpoints pane instead of warp markers.

If anyone knows whether using these settings will yield better quantize results, I would appreciate an explanation regarding how to go about this.


Thanks for posting this easy to follow solution!