quantizing automation points

Hi all.
Lately I’ve been working quite a bit with glitch for a project I’m busy mixing. Its the first time I’ve needed to extensively record pattern changes within a plugin as automation. Much easier to play it as a live instrument than draw in the changes.

However when done I needed to tighten up my automation points to the grid. I was most disapointed to find out that selecting automation points and pressing Q does nothing. I really just assumed this would work.

After some searching I found this link


Here Vic_France explains how to use the PLE to do the job.

Just wanted to share this and ask if anyone knows where Vic is at. Haven’t seen him on the forum for a while and that’s a pity. He’s got to be one of the most knowledgeable dudes on Cubase ever.

Also I’d like to add quantizing automation points with the standard quantize panel as a feature request.

Cheers and happy days all.

Vic is around here regularly still, you could send him a PM to direct him here in case he misses it :slight_smile:

edit: unless I’m getting too old for this, I recall snap working just fine for automation points? I know it’s not as easy as quantise, but it should allow you to place nodes right on the grid.


it’s not possible to quantize automation points. If you select automation points and open the Edit menu, you can see, Automation [Q] is grey.

But Vic_France’s advice works. You can find Project Logical Editor (PLE) in the Edit menu. Than, you can set the PLE same, as Vic_France wrote. And it works.

I’m sending screenshot.


Hey guys just to clarify it does work perfectly. I posted to basically say props to Vic and of course to winge a little and throw in a feature request :blush: :smiley:

Thanks strophoid. Yes snap works but I’m changing patterns every beat working my way through a lengthy piece. Sometimss quite erratically . Once done that’s a lot of automation points to edit one at a time. The PLE works very well but has to have different presets made for each quantise value. No sweat I did ok with thee proposed changes by Vic for what I needed but it would make a useful feature as a quantize panel function I have to compliment Cubase on often having a work around when the direct feature is not existing. One of the reaons I love it.

Thanks for the screen shot martin.:slight_smile: The project logical editor is very powerful but just as daunting for me sometimes. I can follow instrutions on setting it up well enough but fear I don’t quite have the programmers mind to fully take advantage.

I find it very irritating that with Grid on, drawing in an automation point ignores it. Please fix this, Steinberg.

Thanks for the headsup and the pic. :smiley: