Quantizing Free tempo MIDI tracks- how ?

Hi all,

I’m a bit confused about quantizing in Cubase.

Can you layer-record several MIDI tracks in Free tempo mode (e.g. without the
click track) and then quantize them ? I wanted a little natural fluctuation in tempo while inputting rather than a strict click track input (which for me always results in too rigid and mechanical a capture not fixable with tempo automation after the fact.)

In using the Cubase Free tempo mode (e.g. no click) while inputting several tracks, my playing of parts was not always exactly in sync with the other tracks and needs just a little quantizing so they line up vertically. But I can’t figure out how to do so, e.g. how to obtain slight variations in tempo while recording all the tracks, yet nevertheless be able to line up all the parts beat-wise while maintaining the original slight tempo variations captured during input.

Must I turn each MIDI track into audio, then use the tempo detection feature
and then quantize or is this even possible with audio ?

Or should I have used the click track, then adjusted tempo with tempo automation
to provide the more natural tempo ebb and flow I was looking for, and THEN
quantize ? Generally I’d rather not do this. I’d rather play in the more human slight tempo variations
during initial recording for a more natural input rather than artificially draw in tempo variations with automation after a rigid click track performance. But after the non-click track recording of the various parts, I do need some slight quantization for all the parts to line up vertically with a little more precision before I go into the Score function in Cubase.

So… to net out ? If you want to layer-record several MIDI tracks with free
tempo (not huge variations but rather subtle) and NOT using click track, and then thereafter quantize the MIDI so all the parts line up vertically in Score mode while still preserving the original tempo ebb and flow when played in (and in the audio mixdown/MP3), exactly how do you do this in Cubase 8 ?

What’s the best method to obtain the best of both worlds- free form input, but then quantization for vertical beat alignment to facilitate scoring ?

Thanks, from this newb,



Select the MIDI Event and use Tempo Detection from the MIDI. Once the tempo is detected and the grid is made by your MIDI data, you can Quantize other MIDI tracks to this grid.