Quantizing Headache

I have optimized my workflow with a bunch of key commands & macro’s… But there is one thing I don’t really master. That’s Quantizing… and I mean switching from one Quantizing preset to another (1/1, 1/2 etc…)

I don’t want to change this with my mouse so I assigned my numbers on the keyboard to the quantizing… So 1 is 1/1… 2 is 1/2… But it doesn’t really work for me…

How do you handle your quantizing… Or am I the only one who switches the whole time :slight_smile:

I use a CMC-PD in command mode. It is my quantizing biatch machine now.

Mmmm… maybe this is indeed a solution for me :wink:

I use a CH module to quantize. You get 8 programmable buttons. I set one to recall the quantize panel and another to switch quantizing resolution. Of course you can do that with every other CMC module, although CH and PD are the only ones that give you 8 programmable buttons. The others are limited to 4.